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Clinic Staff


Kyle Bowling, DC

Dr. Kyle Bowling was born and raised in Louisville, KY. He received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Louisville, majoring in exercise physiology and sports medicine. 


Neeraj Egbert, DPT

Dr Neeraj Egbert is a doctor of physical therapy and is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Functional Dry Needling. Key areas that drive Neeraj’s practice are innovation, research, technology and helping athletes of all abilities rehab from injuries and excel more than they can even imagine.

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Stephen Pobst, DC

Dr. Pobst focuses primarily on research based treatment protocols that address the actual root of the problem. He has extensive background in treatment of sports injury and performance.


Cindy Sevier, LMT

Cindy Sevier is a licensed massage therapist specializing in injury recovery. Since 2019, Cindy has worked with clients at her southern Indiana-based clinic, Stretch Zone Massage. Cindy’s clients include elite athletes at the collegiate level in Kentucky and Indiana, 


Courtney O'Loughlin, MS, MEd, PN

Courtney is a certified nutrition coach, specializing in sports performance and overall wellness. An avid runner, Courtney is passionate about helping other athletes fuel their sport and their life.


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