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Image by Katherine Hanlon

Dry Needling


KSC is excited to now offer Dry Needling. Dry Needling involves the insertion of a thin filament needle to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues (muscle "trigger points", fascia, tendons and ligaments, etc) resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology. Research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, normalizes biochemical and electrical dysfunction of motor endplates, and facilitates an accelerated return to active rehabilitation.


A variety of musculoskeletal conditions typically respond well to dry needling. Conditions include: Plantar Fasciitis, Acute/Chronic injuries, Headaches, Neck/Back pain, Tendinitis, Muscle Spasms, "Sciatica", Hip/Knee pain, Muscle strains, "Tennis/Golfer's Elbow",Overuse injuries, etc.


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