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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy


Kentucky Sports Clinic is excited to offer massage therapy! Our amazing therapist, Cindy Sevier utilizes multiple massage and stretching techniques to help your body perform and recover at it's maximum potential. Read below about the services she offers!

You can also read Cindy's bio HERE

Myofascial Therapy

Beneath the skin and surrounding all the muscles and organs, the fascial tissue acts like saran wrap that holds all the pieces of us together and in place. Restrictions in this tissue can cause problems locally or refer dysfunction to other areas of the body. Fascial work consists of slow, unlubricated work to warm and soften the fascial tissue and repair restrictions or holds in the tissue. It often uses streches and traction to release fascial adhesions.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage concentrates on the deeper layers of muscle, tissue and fascia with a goal toward increasing function and range of motion through manipulation of these deeper structures. While it sometimes uses deeper pressure, it is really a means to work through more superficial muscles with kneading, deep forearm or finger work or static pressure holds in order to affect the tissue beneath.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage technique used for relaxation and relief of muscle soreness. The general relaxation session uses basic massage techniques to work out stress, relieve pain, and work on injuries.


While this is not recognized as a separate modality, passive stretching is a pleasurable and useful technique as part of a session. Passive stretching can be done to any part of the body, and can be done in conjunction with general relaxation or injury recovery sessions. Stretches to the arms, legs, hips, back and neck (without adjustments) facilitate the loosening and relaxation of muscles.

Modern Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is used to encourage circulation, alleviate adhesions, and help clear congestion and stagnation.  Cups can also help to rehydrate and manipulate fascia.

Cupping Therapy uses polycarbonate plastic cups with a vacuum pump gun and silicone cups.

***Cupping marks are interstitial debris that is being released during some cupping applications. They may be sensitive but should not be painful to touch.  They are NOT BRUISES!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

While the strokes can be compared to a light massage, the technique is directed at the delicate lymph vessels just below the skin.  Clients can expect the pain free, relaxing benefits of Dr. Vodder’s style MLD.

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