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Meet the Team


Cindy Sevier, LMT

Cindy Sevier is a licensed massage therapist specializing in injury recovery. Since 2019, Cindy has worked with clients at her southern Indiana-based clinic, Stretch Zone Massage. Cindy’s clients include elite athletes at the collegiate level in Kentucky and Indiana, local high school athletes, and weekend warriors looking to improve their performance.


In addition to a Bachelor of Art in business, Cindy received massage therapy training at Advanced Massage Therapeutic for Massage School in Louisville. Her additional certifications are in MCT (Modern Cupping Therapy) and MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage, Bachelor’s Level). Her massage therapy training and ongoing coursework are invaluable in her ability to help others.


As a University of Louisville Cardinal fan, Cindy enjoys basketball, football and swimming. In her spare time, she stays active by running, cycling and cross-training. After a sports injury, Cindy received treatments from Dr. Bowling at the Kentucky Sports Clinic (KSC). She is excited to join KSC and work alongside the providers, who helped her recover from her injuries and inspired her professional calling as a massage therapist. She aims to help you recover from your injuries, free you from pain, and enable you to get back to doing what you love.

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