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"I felt a pop" 😳

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

I had more extremely valuable use of MSK ultrasound today, the diagnostic imaging technique we're now utilizing at Kentucky Sports Clinic.

What Happened?

Patient is a distance runner and experienced a "pop" during a run this past weekend around his hamstring, followed by some temporary sharp pain. He was able to finish out the run and has experienced moderate soreness in the same area ever since.

What Did Imaging Show?

I used musculoskeletal ultrasound to image the areas where he was experiencing pain.

Slight tearing in the belly of the semitendinosus hamstring muscle

Another view

What Do We Do Now?

This is another one where if managed correctly, he should be able to continue training with modifications. Recovery-paced runs with special attention to a consistent, high cadence foot strike will oftentimes keep this injury under control while he rehabs. I'll post follow up pics in a few weeks to hopefully show some improvement!

Dr. Kyle Bowling is a sports chiropractor based in Louisville, Ky. His practice is one of few sports injury clinics in Louisville to offer musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound. Reach out anytime with questions!


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